PAPER CLAY experiments & how we got started

Oh my gosh it's been so long since I posted.  Getting products ready for our anual trip to the USA is all consuming ! Somehow, as usual we made the plane, lugging suitcases full to within a gram of the allowed weight :) After 40 hours of travel  door to door, we arrived in Denver more dead than alive, but in time for my daughter's and grand daughter's birthdays and Thanksgiving.

 Here are some fired paper clay heart ornaments we will be test marketing this year. What's paper clay you ask. Check out my guest blog post here:;postID=8437742941792661520

These are hollow inside plus made of paper clay, so although they are ceramic they are quite light in weight. I'm thinking of making some really BIG beads when I get back to Namibia.

More ornaments .

These are ornament size, but I'm thinking of making them smaller for jewelry also. Ah so may ideas so little time !

Just before we left Namibia a friend helped me make a video about how Work Of Our Hands got started. I don't know who can spare 15 min. this time of year :) but here's the link just in case.
Hope you all have a fabulous holiday season !

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Lori Anderson said...

Oh oh oh . I want those so bad!