FABRIC FLOWERS and other things

I am loving PINTEREST but I admit that I seldom have time to actually use all those good ideas I file away. So.... I'm happy to say that I actually made some flowers from instructions on Pinterest and even added my own variations.

 In the ceramic bead department I have been training some new workers, and one lady brought a 6th grade boy Erwin. Now we don't usually employ children, but he only comes after school, and she explained that he is HIV positive and often does not have any food at home to eat when he takes his antiretroviral medicine. Waaaaa! What could I say after that? By the way his mom has died and he lives with dad, step mom, and grandparents.

Stella and Erwin making beads.


Lori Anderson said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous. I want them all!

Linda Horn said...

They are beautiful Val. I can't wait to see all the artist's interpretations!