I don't know the name of this stitch but I call it zipper stitch, because it looks like zipper teeth. It is especially good for edging fabrics.

 You can use any size bead, but here I used triangle beads. Knot your thread and come up through 1 bead. Go around again to anchor the first bead ending with thread coming out the top.

From now on you will add 2 beads per stitch. With 2 beads on your needle come from behind , go thru your fabric, and up through the last bead added. Space your stitch a little less than one bead's width apart.
The first bead of each stitch will kind of pop up, and lie between the upright beads.

You can leave the stitch as is, or it's easy to use as a base for more beads.   In the purple and green example I added a couple of green beads between every horizontal bead. In the red example I used size 6 beads.

Here I kept going, and added 5 size 11 beads, after adding a peach size 8 bead between each horizontal triangle bead. As long a you add an uneven number of beads, you can build outward in net stitch .

I have embellished everything from clothing to beading mats with this stich. It works up quickly, especially in the larger beads.

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