Lucia's head band

It's spring, so let's make flowers.
My daughter wanted a flower for baby Lucia's head band. I searched my brain files and remembered this one. It takes less than 1 yard or meter. Just measure 5 equal spaces and sew a u shaped gathering stitch in each section. (The pink one had 4 inch sections) . Use thin ribbon, and heavy thread. Pull the thread to gather everything and Wala! It makes it's own petals as you pull. I even made these once in crepe paper.


Tree said...

Hi there! I found your blog on McLinky Tools, and the title caught my eye. I just love the work you're doing over there...what a blessing you are.

Your beadwork is just beautiful! Do you sell your pieces? If so, I may be interested in featuring your work on my Mommies Faves blog.

Following you with both of mine now! :)

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Its So Very Cheri said...

I came by last week to look at your project but was just looking through all of them. I don't see the use of any of our sponsor's products on your project? You are more than welcome to enter another project that has used at least one of the products. You do need to have your entries in by this evening.