Generous People and turkeys

I am so grateful for generous people! I met Deb LeAir at an art show in Colorado and after I told her about what I do in Africa; She offered to share her techniques with me! Wow!
Lately I've been driving her crazy with e-mails. The jury is still out on whether I can translate her techniques to beads, but I'm sure gonna try because I hate glaze, and she achieves these beautiful clay objects without glaze !

The most recent challenge for Deb's technique was finding a turkey baster in a country that (except for expats) doesn't eat turkey. But I found one! YEA! 

Once we took a small 12 lb turkey to the check out in our capital city, and the check out girl said "wow that's the biggest chicken I ever saw!" We tried to explain, but I don't think she believed us :)

Well back to the studio/experiment center. Just had a thought ......"I should have bought 2 basters"!! or I'll be tempted to use the clay one for the turkey one day:(

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