Blue Leopard mug

 Flowers and zebra vase
 Francie's poka dot mugs
 Protea mug
 Safari mug
 Herero container

girl mug: Ok, the earrings mean she can't go in the microwave, but I still like the earrings

I mentioned we were getting a ceramic equipment donation, but even I didn't understand the extent of it. Three potter's wheels, a slab roller, an extra kiln and every tool a clay artist could dream of. In fact I had been dreaming of some of them, just had no money ! We are jumping up and down with joy. Clay heaven!

Four ladies have signed up, and started the initial potter's wheel class, and we have a week long seminar coming up with an excellent teacher, the first week of August.


Jenny said...

Amazing! Now, can the ladies replicate your work? If so, these will be a huge hit!

Yolanda M. said...

Wonderful work! Those mugs are beautiful! i like the safari mug as my favorite. Congrats on the wonderful donation, so generous of the nice people who did it.