I always do this.........whichever side of the equator I am on, I think that on the other side I will have more time........but it's never true!
First thing to do upon arriving in the Northern Hemisphere is of course to unpack.  Amazing that nothing was broken since we all know how luggage is handled. We only bring a few clothes. The rest is all merchandise.

Then, there's the jobs I left unfinished in Namibia, like getting these pendants attached to their necklaces.   I still have some to finish.......

Last year we bought a town house with a basement, so for the first time since moving to Africa, I can have a studio when I'm back in the USA . Had to do it on the cheap, with used equipment, but I'm happy as a pig in mud. Yea for Craig's list !
Here's my 30 year old Shimpo wheel (still working like a champ) with home made splash guard, and foam on a bucket seat. I think Shimpo is a pretty great product to be working so well at such an age !
Of course I'm twice as old and also still in good working condition. "Knock on wood ."
Some bisque I just fired.
My Paragon and Skutt kilns. The big one came with the wheel, but I was afraid I could never fill it. Plus to tell the truth, I'm a bit scared of figuring out the kiln sitter, and if it's working right. (  just when I thought I had used every type of kiln from manual to automatic, now another one to learn)
All the ceramic products are different here, so I'm preparing some color test tiles.  Amaco Velvet underglaze.......they will perk up and look much better when fired. So far I am thrilled with the feel and coverage of the product.

Had a small home show last week end. It wasn't well attended, but I think it will grow in time. Everyone who came was very positive, and better yet they bought!

There was lots of jewelry too, only I forgot to take pictures.

Now for the decision as to whether to put some products for sale on line while I'm here.  People always ask me about that and then when I do it, no one buys. It's a lot of work, and I'd rather be in the studio ! What'cha think?
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Linda Horn said...

Beautiful work, Val. When do you have meeting in Orlando? Linda

Work Of Our Hands said...

nov 29 thru Dec 12

AntiquityTravelers said...

Val - just saw the post over at Monique's and stopped by to check out your blog. I love what you've got going on here! Where are you in the US? I would have loved to see your open house. Colors are amazing, and such pretty work!! Really loving those pendants - beaders go crazy for those. You should sell individual components ... have you heard of Artisan Whimsy? I'll leave the URL so you can check it out. Also CBC (Creative Bead Chat) ... you'll find plenty of buyers for components there :)

Work Of Our Hands said...

Thank you I will check out Artisan Whimsy and creative bead chat. So far I only knew about Bead of Clay blog and facebook page.