I've been working on some new designs, and we have some new ladies working now, so Friday was training day.  The ladies are proficient at rolling and painting beads, but sometimes it's good to try something new !

I am also flying back to the U.S.A. early this year for the birth of a new grand baby, so I thought we had better get cracking on Christmas ornaments.

Here is Vicky working on star ornaments

Otillie ( in the foreground) is woking on small flowers. Any B.T.W. ever wonder where those Lyon's club glasses go? We we were happy to receive a bag of them because anyone over 40 needs them !

Wonky star pendants

Lodie is working on the star pendants

Bracelet bars

 I got busy and forgot to get a photo of everyone, but we had a productive and fun day.

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