I just finished a 3 day workshop with Children of Promise Ministries  in Rehoboth Namibia. The founder Sylvia Beukes ( in the denim dress above) is a pioneer in Namibia, in that she founded a foster care program rather  than an orphanage to care for  vulnerable children and orphans. 

Teens, preteens and foster care mom's took off like rockets after a few instructions in fabric flower making and ceramics.

We had two days of ceramic training and one day of fabric flower making.


Our work space was in the old Rehoboth museum, and we are hoping these few days will be the start of a creative blossoming in the whole community. Word travels fast in small towns, and we had quite a few curious visitors, who want to participate in future workshops.

I big big thank you to Carla and Ceramic Supply Pittsburg who gave us a big discount on glaze and went to LOTS of trouble to get it all mailed off to us ! THANK YOU !

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